Port workers ordered to cease industrial action by Fair Work Commission

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Who will be the next African-Aussie star?

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Queensland Africa United Football League prepares for the big match vs Japan

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Cardinal George Pell’s testimony upsets victims support groups

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QLD fearless community to bring back democratic mining balance

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Forrest on radical review to expand income management systems

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Child protection services received by 135, 000 kids around Australia

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Introducing Natal Ayume.

Natal Ayume just graduated from studying journalism and comes to Where are you From? as our new reporter. He tells us about visiting his family in South Sudan and his aspirations to work in journalism.

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No Pain, No Gain when it comes to making music.

Performing Aussie hip hop on the streets of Brisbane may seem like an exciting job, but it’s been a very painful journey and hard yakka for two African-Australians who left their country many years ago due to warfare.

No Pain No Gain crew members Mantist and Bolo speak to us about their aspiration to break into the music industry – and perform a song!

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New Art Exhibition Showcases The Power Within

The Create Foundation is launching an art exhibition called “The Power Within”, highlighting the strength of foster kids and breaking down negative stereotypes.

They’re also launching their inaugural international child protection conference taking place in the nation’s capital, Canberra, from 22-24 November, 2013.

The conference will be attended by children and young people with an out-of-home care experience, foster children, residential care, carers as well as government and sector representatives and both local and international child protection experts. (Image from the Create Foundation)

Featured in story
Mr Lucas Moore – QLD Coordinator, CREATE Foundation
Ms Jacqui Reed – Chief Executive Officer, CREATE Foundation

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